From the Board

The PSAO Board of Directors extends our sincere gratitude for your continued membership and support. Your dedication is instrumental in forging a stronger, more respected security industry across Oregon.

We understand the critical role security professionals play in ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities. As the landscape of security evolves, the PSAO remains committed to its mission of promoting professionalism, community trust, and a thriving industry.

The board is currently focused on two key initiatives:

  • Website Revamp: We’re diligently working to create an engaging website with the architecture to accommodate free automated memberships. This enhanced platform will serve as a stronger resource center for members, offering valuable tools and information, and act as a more effective way to connect with members and promote the vital role of security professionals.
  • Membership Growth: Building a robust membership base is crucial to strengthening our lobbying efforts during the upcoming legislative session. By expanding our free memberships with email and recruiting campaigns, we can ensure a more powerful voice advocating for the needs of the security industry in Oregon.

Thank you again for your continued support. Together, we can build a stronger, more secure future for Oregon.


Legislative Watch

2/18/2024 by Greg Fishback

The Professional Security Association of Oregon represents its members.  As such, it’s imperative we stay actively engaged in monitoring and interacting with the Oregon legislative process. This vigilance is not just a matter of professional duty; it’s a commitment to safeguarding the interests and voices of our members. Legislation can significantly impact our industry, affecting everything from licensing and training requirements to operational protocols. By staying ahead of these changes, we can ensure that our members are not only compliant but also benefit from laws that enhance the security profession’s standards and practices. Furthermore, our involvement allows us to advocate for policies that protect the rights and safety of both security professionals and the communities we serve. Together, we are not just witnesses to the legislative process; we are active participants shaping the future of security in Oregon.


It’s important to understand how the Oregon legislative process works, as this knowledge empowers us to effectively advocate for our members. The process begins when a bill is introduced by a legislator in either the House or the Senate. From there, the bill is assigned to a committee relevant to its subject matter. Public hearings and work sessions are then held, offering a vital opportunity for organizations like ours to present testimony and influence legislation.

If the committee approves the bill, it moves to the floor of its respective chamber for a vote. If passed, the bill then crosses over to the other chamber, where the process repeats. Should both chambers pass the bill, any differences must be reconciled before it is sent to the Governor. The Governor then has the power to sign the bill into law, veto it, or allow it to become law without a signature.

Our proactive engagement throughout this process ensures that the interests and concerns of security professionals are heard. By monitoring proposed legislation, submitting testimony, and communicating with legislators, we can influence outcomes in ways that support and advance our profession. This underscores the importance of our collective voice and the impact we can achieve through informed, strategic advocacy in Salem.


Training Tips


Building Better Responses: The Power of Practice and Visualization

3/1/2024 by Greg Fishback


As security officers, your skills and reactions in various situations can make all the difference. But how do you ensure that your response is swift and accurate when every second counts? The secret lies in understanding the science behind muscle memory and the importance of repetitive practice.

Muscle Memory: Your Brain’s Training Partner

First off, let’s talk about muscle memory. Despite the name, it’s not your muscles that remember; it’s your brain. When you practice a skill repeatedly, you’re actually training your brain to perform this skill more efficiently. This process is called myelination, where your brain strengthens the pathways used for specific actions. Think of it as laying down a super-fast highway for your brain signals to travel on.

Why Practice Matters

Every time you practice, you’re not just reinforcing your physical skills; you’re enhancing the brain’s ability to execute these actions quickly and accurately. The phrase “the brain can only go where the brain has gone before” highlights the importance of practice. By repeatedly going through the motions, you’re ensuring that in a high-pressure situation, your brain knows exactly where to go and what to do.

The Role of Visualization

But what about when you’re off the field? This is where visualization comes into play. Visualization is like a mental rehearsal. It’s the process of imagining yourself performing a task perfectly, from start to finish. By visualizing, you’re stimulating the same neural pathways as if you were physically performing the action. This means you can continue to reinforce and build upon those pathways, even when you’re not physically practicing.

Putting It All Together

Combining repetitive physical practice with mental visualization creates a powerful training tool. It ensures that when the moment comes, your response will be automatic, accurate, and effective. So, whether you’re on the range, patrolling, or simply going about your day, remember the importance of both physical and mental practice. By continually training both your body and mind, you’re not just preparing for the challenges you know about; you’re readying yourself for anything that might come your way.

Stay safe and keep practicing!


About PSAO

Building a Stronger Future: Your PSAO Membership Makes a Difference

Your membership in the Professional Security Association of Oregon (PSAO) goes beyond individual benefits. It fuels collective action that strengthens the entire security and private investigation (PI) industry in Oregon. Through advocacy, education, and community outreach, the PSAO is ramping up to fight for fair wages, better benefits, and legislative changes that benefit all security and PI professionals. Additionally, the PSAO plans to foster professional development through targeted training and resources, while also building bridges with law enforcement, government agencies, and the public to foster community trust and respect for our professions. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for the industry in Oregon. Remember, your continued support and active participation are vital to our success!



The PSAO is seeking passionate individuals to join our team and help us achieve our mission of fostering professionalism, community trust, and a thriving security industry in Oregon.

Here are exciting volunteer opportunities to make a difference:

  • Legislative Watch: Stay on top of legislative issues impacting security and help us track relevant bills.
  • Forum Admin: Foster a vibrant online community by moderating discussions on our member forum.
  • Newsletter Contributor: Share your expertise and insights by writing articles for our industry newsletter.
  • Membership Coordinator: Welcome new members and help us build a strong, unified voice for the security industry.
  • Advisory Committee: Apply to become a leader by providing strategic guidance and shaping the vision of the PSAO.

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