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PSA of Oregon board of Directors

Election year 2022 – 2024

The PSA is led by a Board of Directors / Governors that meets monthly and consists of senior representatives of member companies. A hallmark of PSA is that it receives its policy guidance from the direct involvement of c suite-level officers of well established companies. 


Greg Fishback

Greg is the owner of the Defensive Arts Center, LLC which provides multiple types of self-defense and security training for both private security and private citizens. Greg is an Air Force Veteran and holds a black belt in Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu.  He currently hold certifications for NRA, USCCA & ACCJT, IDS, ARC, HSI and EMS Safety, DPSST, Armed DPSST, and Certified Workplace Violence Specialist.  Learn more at

Vice Chairman

Reid Kerr

Reid is the principle license holder for Echelon Investigative Services and C.O.O. of Echelon Protective Services and Sentinel Overwatch Services. With a decade of experience in law enforcement and security his passion is dedicated to the training and mentoring of security guards he serves. Reid enjoys getting lost in the outdoors and quality time with his loved one


Michael Bock

Michael is a Licensed Private Investigator and Armed Security Guard. He is also an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and teaches the field medical care of traumatic injury with a focus on firearm related trauma to new security guards. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree with a focus on Speech and Communication. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.


Kelli Carner

Kelli is a Register Nurse (RN) and US Army veteran with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration currently serving as an Executive Director with Providence Home and Community Care and part-time instructor at the Defensive Arts Center.  Kelli’s passion for security, civilian first response, and defensive training solidified while ministering to the effects of urban violence at Emanuel’s Trauma ICU.   She brings an evidence-based, realistic, and ethical population health perspective of the dynamic challenges facing both security and civilians from escalations of modern violence. Learn more on LinkedIn.

Sergeant at Arms

Alex Stone

As the CEO of Archon Protection Group, Sentinel Overwatch Services, Echelon Protective Services and Pacific Green Protection, Alex Stone has dedicated his life to transforming the security industry into a forward thinking platform. Toward achieving this vision, Mr. Stone leans upon his background from many different sectors, including the U.S. armed forces, law enforcement, NGO Services and business to rethink security operations.