About the PSA of Oregon

In the United States and abroad, protective and investigative professionals have shaped the
world around us in countless ways, and with immeasurable impact. As it stands today, with the
decrease of emergency services in many communities, the private security industry remains
critical to the health of the economy. Moreover, the very livability of neighborhoods has
become dependent on an increased professionalism within the security trades. This increased
role adopted by the security community has led to the awareness to enhance professionalism
within the trade. For this purpose, it has become most evident that the industry now requires a
strong voice speaking on behalf of its members.

The Professional Security Association (PSA) was formed to be that voice. As an industry advocate and convener PSA remains an essential partner to properly shape the roles and responsibilities of security for our future. 

PSA Members convince councils and committees to advise the governmental and non-governmental agencies on security related critical issues, advocate for effective legislative change and administrative policy changes that enhance efforts to professionalize the workforce.  Additionally, the PSA provides the proper forums and trade shows for government and industry representatives to meet and collaborate for the improvement of the industry. Whenever possible, the PSA is looking to build strategic partnerships in the community. To guide these efforts, the PSA actively recruits partners on an individual and company level. If you are interested in partnering with the PSA, please contact us